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Vrainiac aims to be one of the world’s most respected XR brands. To do this, we have established a culture that supports our team members so they can develop exceptional experiences for our audiences. Using new technology and tapping into our experience in what made AAA games fun, we will develop products that will be easily accessible for the world to see and hear.

We are an independent game developer formed by seasoned veterans of the AAA game industry who have worked on titles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Guitar Hero, and much more. Join us on our adventure!




Protect our hero. Eliminate the zombies. Save the world!

HeliHunter and related logos are registered trademarks of Vrainiac, Inc. in the US and/or other countries.  All Rights Reserved.


Helihunter is a high-quality, photorealistic, FPS augmented reality (AR) game that allows players to enjoy a complete 3D experience with a deeper meaning.


Players can watch the phone’s screen as they play from the perspective of the helicopter’s gunner, and use augmented reality to play the game from complete 360-degree coverage of the playing field.


You can move your mobile phone closer to the level like a virtual helicopter, zoom in, and move away, giving you free control over the entire level. You can easily play the game with a simple launch button and various weapon buttons.

High-quality, FPS-like background levels will provide the best graphics that can be enjoyed on mobile phones.


Few survivors remain in a city devastated by a zombie virus outbreak! The only help they get during the difficult journey of progressing through various levels to find supplies and safe zones is the player's air cover.

Players have to use helicopters and various weapons to help the survivors on the ground escape to escape the zombies and evacuate to a safe zone by completing rescue operations.

To do this, you can acquire and upgrade helicopters and weapons to successfully carry out the difficult missions waiting for you.

Helihunter also comes with multiplayer.

Players can form parties with up to 3 players and choose any level to play together with.

Your friends who are in-game can be located from the helicopters flying around. Even difficult missions can be completed easily when playing with friends!

Helihunter promises to provide a rich, augmented reality experience to the players by continuously adding enjoyable content and diverse game modes.

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